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Vendor Advocacy FAQ’s

What is Vendor Advocacy and how does it work?

What should you do when you’re thinking about selling your house?


Perhaps you’re thinking of downsizing, relocating for work or even selling your parent’s property for them. Knowing how to sell your house can be an overwhelming and emotional process without trusted guidance.


Knowing the value of your house, the current market conditions in your area and how to find the best agent, are amongst the first steps that your Vendor Advocate will help you secure.


With 30 years of local real estate experience, this is what Tom Ryan Vendor Advocacy will do for you.

Vendor Advocacy Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vendor Advocate?

A Vendor Advocate is your own highly experienced, unbiased real estate professional there to help guide you through the home sale process or even act as your proxy in some situations. Vendor Advocacy is superior guidance and assistance for a vendor in relation to the entire selling process from beginning to end.

What does Vendor Advocacy mean?

Your Vendor Advocate is the professional who represents you in the home sale process. Their focus is solely on achieving the best sale price for your home and minimising the associated stress and run around vendors often face. Vendor Advocacy means the Vendor has total unbiased, supportive help during the selling process. This includes providing advice prior to listing your property right through to post-settlement.

How much does a Vendor Advocate cost?

A Vendor Advocates fee is included in the overall Agents fee so there is no extra cost to the Vendor.

How does a Vendor Advocate get paid?

A Vendor Advocate gets paid part or 50 % of the commission charged by the Agent depending on what involvement is agreed upon. The Vendor does not pay separately for our services.

How often will you update me?

At Tom Ryan Vendor Advocacy we aim to answer every question you have at any time during the campaign.  This may be daily, or it may be every second day depending on your needs. We deliver what is required to help you feel secure in your decisions. We want you to know that everything is being done to obtain the very best price,  so contact can vary accordingly. We are always available to guide you.

Are there only certain Real Estate Agents you work with?

The short answer is no, we look at all available options and help you choose the very best Agents for your unique needs and situation.

How do I know I’m getting the best agent for me?

We get you the best Agent/Agency by assessing them through a process of several meetings which involves a detailed checklist, not simply recent sales. The Vendor is invited to attend at all times.

Do you handle the legal requirements for selling my house?

The legal requirements are referred to a Solicitor or Conveyancer of your choice, however, through our experience, there are many standard questions we can answer for you.

How can I value my house?

We get the agents chosen to compete for your sale to present a report with the most credible comparable sales, and we guide you through these. We can also refer to a sworn valuation if necessary. We do not compromise our position.

How much does it cost to sell a house?

Each agent will nominate a commission for your sale as well as any associated marketing costs.  We do not specify any particular commission rate as this would compromise our position and we want the best for you, the Vendor.

What are the hidden fees when selling a house?

There are potentially many hidden fees when selling a house including marketing fees, graded advertising schedules, Auctioneer fees, upfront marketing fees, typesetting fees etc. Your Vendor advocate will help you identify and avoid unnecessary fees, ensuring there are no surprises.

How long will it take for my house to sell?

The price you are aiming to achieve can affect the time taken to sell. There are average times for selling homes in each area; however, this is an important element that needs to be considered when choosing your home sale method and factoring in the current market conditions.

Where should I advertise my house for sale?

There are many advertising methods beyond traditional print advertising and signboards. The advertising campaign can vary enormously from suburb to suburb and the demographic you are attempting to reach. Your Vendor Advocate has in-depth knowledge of the value of each advertising method for your desired outcome and can help you determine the best mix of advertising methods and platforms, ensuring your dollar is spent wisely.

What happens if my house doesn’t sell?

The selling process is different for every home that is sold or attempting to sell. For example, if your home doesn’t sell at Auction we are there to continue to guide you through the subsequent negotiation process helping you determine the best outcome for your position. The average sale time can be anywhere between 4-7 weeks at present but there are many factors involved in the time frame hence our input.

What adds value to a house?

Adding value to your home can affect the price obtained in the most significant way, which is why we have excellent tried and true recommendations as well as contacts/stylists to improve the sale price. There is a culture regarding the presentation that must be adhered to for success. Adding value to your home doesn’t have to be expensive but clever choices make all the difference.

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