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How To Sell Your House


Selling your home can be a confusing, anxiety-inducing process. But it needn’t be that way.


Download your free booklet and tap into 30 years of experience in the Melbourne property market. That’s expert advice – without any cost to you.

Free Booklet A Better Way to Sell Your Home

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For 30 years we’ve consistently worked with vendors, knowing their needs and advising them on what is right and just. We’ve removed the complications, made the maze of information clear bringing sensitivity and professional guidance to each vendor.

Looking for the Best Way to Sell Your House?


Knowing where to start when you want to sell your home is the first step in making your sale a success.


You may have already made the decision to sell or you may be looking for advice to test the waters and learn if it’s the right time for you.


Talking with a highly experienced, unbiased third-party who can help you draw out the right questions to ask and determine your first steps is exactly what you get with a Vendor Advocate.


Rather than seeking advice directly from listing real estate agents, Tom Ryan Vendor Advocacy is there to provide you with a crystal clear view of the current property market and the opportunities you have to get the best price for your home.


Unlike a real estate agent, a Vendor Advocate does not list your house for sale but is your unbiased guide to choosing the best agent to sell your home.  By interviewing a range of agents experienced in your area, Tom Ryan Vendor Advocacy is well placed to determine the best fit for your situation and the unique aspects of your home.


And that’s just the beginning.

senior couple at laptop in kitchen deciding to sell house

The First 4 Steps When Deciding to Sell Your House

  1. Talk to your bank to learn more about your mortgage position and payout figures.
  2. Write a short-list of the features and benefits of your home – Download our Free Booklet for details.
  3. Get highly experienced insights into your local property values and home sale opportunities by calling Tom Ryan Vendor Advocate.
  4. Book a free in-home consultation with Tom Ryan Vendor Advocate to review your options.

For a free, no obligation conversation call us today.

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