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Clients – Who uses a Vendor Advocate

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Who uses a Vendor Advocate?


In our 30 years of helping vendors navigate the selling process and achieve the best prices, we’ve handled a wide variety of client situations.

Some of our clients are downsizing, often due to a changing family situation, or relocating due to employment changes. Some clients are extremely busy and need to ensure every detail of their home selling process is managed with the utmost professionalism.


Selling your home involves much more than just the sales process. Because it coincides with major decisions and life changes, memories and emotions can run high, and there are always related issues to juggle. Trying to do it all yourself can exacerbate the stress and overwhelm.


That’s precisely why our clients say they value our comprehensive, personal approach. We get to know you (often over a cup of tea) and fully understand your situation and objectives. Then we go well above and beyond the standard vendor advocate approach, with a bespoke service that’s responsive, reliable and results-oriented.



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